Welcome to EIN SOF Communications, a woman-owned full-service strategic marketing, branding, market research/analysis, and employment consultation firm specializing in disability-inclusive diversity and public policy. 

Diversity surrounds us all: gender, age, culture, class, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, religion, nationality and more. Some fear these as stumbling blocks. We embrace them as building blocks to create a commUNITY of allies. That’s the spirit we celebrate with our “Diversity Strategies.”

Team EIN SOF and our diverse strategic partners are best-in-class to help you design, brand, measure, analyze, and achieve goals, exceed expectations and maximize results with our unique customized sector approach to problem-solving. Our extensive network of diversity, disability, corporate, media, academic and government contacts is unsurpassed.

The hallmark differentiator of EIN SOF campaigns combines strategic, guerilla, cause-related and social media marketing tactics, with disability-inclusive diversity and public policy. We launched disability strategic marketing as a genre, with the first-ever promotional tie-in with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), and the Academy-Award winning film, My Left Foot, proving the business case that ADA was an unprecedented marketing opportunity and not a legislative burden.

EIN SOF expertise is focused in two major areas:

Strategic Marketing and Branding
Employment Consultation

EIN SOF means without end. When it comes to disability-inclusive diversity, we mean business 25/7.

We believe… “At the end of the day… there is no end of the day” when working with clients to de-construct attitudinal “headwinds” that preclude diversity success, to re-wiring intentions to fortify “tailwinds” to propel inclusive success.

If you are looking for strategic, dynamic, holistic campaigns that illuminate an inclusive diversity business imperative, check us out. For a complimentary assessment of how Team EIN SOF can help you fortify your workplace and marketplace, click here.

The Disability Collection

In collaboration with the National Disability Leadership Alliance (NDLA), Verizon Media, and Getty Images – EIN SOF brought together NDLA leaders for focus groups to deconstruct negative disability images in stock photos. That rich, qualitative data was then re-packed to design disability-savvy guidelines for all 240,000 photographers that shoot for Getty Images so that stock photos can create more authentic images that ultimately reduce stigma and shatter myths.

Disability-specific focus group insights formed the basis of the Guidelines for Photographers that was disseminated to 240,000 Getty Images Photographers around the world.

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